Giants Punished for Use of Walkie-Talkies On Sideline

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The NFL has a history of handing out strange punishments for strange infractions, and they continued that trend on December 20th. The NFL fined the New York Giants $150,000 and coach Ben McAdoo $50,000 for using walkie-talkies during their Week 14 win against their division foe, the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants also had their fourth round pick in the 2017 NFL draft pushed back towards the end of the round. According to Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL’s strict rulebook, coaches aren’t allowed to hold two-way radios during gameplay. The reason the devices aren’t allowed on the sideline is because they offer teams the ability to communicate within 15 seconds of the play clock, an advantage that is prohibited by NFL rules.


Since the Giants cooperated with the NFL and it is their first violation of the penalty, the punishment handed out by the Shield is considered lenient. One can only imagine if the NFL truly wanted to crackdown on McAdoo and the Giants. Perhaps he’d be sent to NFL solitary confinement, where he’d be forced to watch endless Cleveland Browns tape.