Duke’s Grayson Allen Suspended For Tripping

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The Duke Blue Devil’s star guard Grayson Allen has some issues on the court. On December 21st, the 21-year-old intentionally tripped another player resulting in a technical foul and an ejection from the game. It’s the third time the college star and potential NBA player has tripped an opposing player in the past 25 games.

If one time is an accident and two times is a coincidence, three times is surely a trend. Duke Coach Mike Krzyzeweski was forced to indefinitely suspend Allen, as he clearly needs some time away from the game.


Allen is quickly garnering the reputation of a dirty player and rightfully so. His actions bring up memories of the numerous kicking fouls the Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green has accrued the past two seasons.  Allen has since apologized for his actions, but words don’t mean much when the actions are a pattern. He has the potential to make an impact on an NBA roster but this type of play is holding him back. It’s unclear when he will take the court again. When that time does happen, he needs to seriously adjust his playing habits.